…to CTV Channel 5. We are glad you stopped by our website.

IMG_2269Our heart is to serve the people here in the community of Canby. For the most part, we operate by volunteers who are working on your behalf…to bring you quality programing that is worth watching.

The funding that supports CTV Channel 5 comes from a variety of sources and we are forever grateful for that support.

If you would like to use the station or stop in for a tour, please feel free to call Tony Gonzalez to set an appointment at 503-913-5907.IMG_2493

Our Community Television System (OCTS) began operations in 1985, delivering consistent, completely local programming to area homes for the first time.

28 years later, CTV Channel 5 is pleased to continue this long tradition and valued local service.

Community projects are what we are all about. If you have some ideas, contact us today…we want to listen.


CTV Channel 5 helps out with local video to help celebrate life with cancer.


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